What Low Dose Psilocybin is All About

Taking Low Dose Psilocybin is sometimes recocmmended

Low dose psilocybin is more commonly referred to as microdosing, an act of fusing the sub-perceptual psychedelic doses into a person’s weekly routine for the purpose of enhancing their creativity levels, relational skills, increased focus and more energy. A lot of people are tackling onto this subject in the hopes that it will improve their lives not only on a physical level, but also mentally and spiritually.

Where is Psilocybin found

The dangers of finding psilocybin, is that it can be tricky to identify which one of them is what is being referred to be used in microdoses. This is because the magic mushrooms look almost alike with other mushrooms that anyone who doesn’t have any background or extensive knowledge about mushrooms will likely get ingestion. The best way that people like you don’t end up acquiring mushrooms that contain psilocybin is to look for explanations done by the professional mycologists. There are various ways to identify psilocybin containing variants. Here are some of them:

If the gilled mushroom got spore prints that varies from purplish brown to black spore patterns with bluish bruises, the fungus is likely to be a psilocybin-producing organism. However, it is not to be concluded as it is the right organism to take as there are other tests that need to be conducted in order to prove that it is indeed a psilocybin-inducing specimen. There are a lot of guides written and shared online, but there are still cases in which people still get the wrong sample. This is also the reason why there are those that prefer to buy them rather than hunt it for themselves.

Effects in Low Dose

Generally, the effect of low dose psilocybin affects the physical, spiritual, emotional, sensual and creative sides of a person. From most of the anecdotal reports that are shared all over the net, two of the main reasons that they take psilocybin are to use it as medication in helping depression, social anxiety, smoking cessation or ADHD. The other reason is to heighten up their spiritual awareness. You can find a lot of forums online that discusses about their spiritual enhancement when they took microdoses into their weekly routine.

Legality, Where to Buy

The legality of the use of psilocybin varies from one country to another. In fact, there are only a few of them that allow the use of it. It is freely legal to possess, sell, cultivate and transport psilocybin mushrooms in Brazil, while in Netherlands it is only legal if they are in truffle forms. Other countries ultimately made the use of psilocybin as illegal.

There are a few countries that consider the possession and cultivation of the psilocybin mushrooms, which are British Virgin Islands and the Czech Republic.


If you are interested in taking low dose psilocybin in a weekly routine, make sure that it is legal to do so in where you live. There are certain states in the US that has already allowed the selling, possession and cultivation of the mushrooms, but you still need to confirm it whether it is allowed in your area or not.

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