What You Need to Know About Microdosing Cannabis

Microdosing Cannabis is sometimes recocmmended

Those who are just new about microdosing cannabis will find themselves really confused on what to do. Hearing how the media has focused on how cannabis can actually cure a person of various diseases, many of today’s youths and even the senior ones are considering the use of microdosing in the hopes that they get healed. This is in all the things that they have considered from the medical world and has not found a way to cure themselves.


Regarding health, physicians have conducted studies regarding patients that took microdosing of cannabis. They found that many patients have indeed achieved sustainable and enhanced results with their health. Others have records of consuming more doses to get the results that they want.


The real dosage recommended on every person to take with microdosing has never been recorded, although it comes with the package when you order the medical cannabis. It is the reason why they are already shaped in the general dosage that every person must take. However, every person has different tolerance level with the microdosing, which can either be dangerous or beneficial to the body. This means that experimenting with cannabis and finding the right dosage that works for you is a high risk that you take. In the end, it is your responsibility.


Physicians found that most people have a particular threshold of cannabis dosage. Below required dosage and they experience gradual improvements in their health. Through time from using microdosing of cannabis, they will start to build tolerance about it. When that happens, they start to experience the diminishing benefits from it and resulting in many side effects instead.

On another note, another physician named Dr. Allan Frankel made some studies revealing interesting insights. He detailed in his study on how he had witnessed cancer patients showing positive results when they took regular doses of the cannabis compared to the doses of the Rick Simpson oil. Heavier doses only made the situation worse. But he pointed out that even if there are positive results, there are no extensive studies being done on the record about the effects of cannabis or the treatments about it. And their concerns lie heavily on the variety of doses and strains affecting the body of the patients.


The best way to approach on microdosing cannabis is starting in small amounts. There are records from physicians that taking in way more than the pre-arranged doses made in the package may actually be more harmful than beneficial for your body. The most useful ones are those that have taken in lesser amounts and seen significant results with it. The real purpose of microdosing cannabis is not about getting your problems cured quickly. It is just giving the right amount for your body to work with, but not more than one that can saturate the cannabinoid receptors.

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