Does Microdosing for Depression Work?

Every person is susceptible to depression, but it can vary depending on the environment that they are living in. One of the most difficult issues to solve in the medical field is depression. A lot of doctors have been studying the actual effects of depression and how to deal with it at an early stage. There are also those that are venturing into how they can alleviate the symptoms of depression, too. Most of them take these depression patients into facilities that will help them cope with their problems, which is mostly accompanied with prescribed medicine. However these days, with the controversies surrounding the health benefits of microdosing, many have turned into this alternative way of curing whoever is suffering from depression.


Putting microdosing aside into how it can affect and alleviate depression, many people that have suffered such a problem and later recovered found out some of the most important things that they have taken for granted in the past. They realized that they should have spent more time with their friends, good nutrition, proper exercise, personal introspection and lower stress can all be the very powerful combination.

For many decades, two of the most common psychedelics which are LSD and psilocybin mushrooms have been utilized in various clinical studies, homes and private therapy in alleviating depression. In a more recent study, ketamine was used as a prescription medication that has shown amazing results in curing depression.


Two of the most common reasons why people are taking in microdosing is to alleviate depression, social anxiety, ADHD or ceasing from smoking. Others are also aiming to heighten their spiritual awareness.

There are also those that reported how they could let go of emotional baggage that has been weighing them down. This is from the reports of studies referring to the “amplifying effect.” If you have heard about the magic mushrooms, there are reports from patients saying that it helped amplify their current mood, rather than acting as a numbing agent or stimulant.

Because of this, it is very important that you assess your thinking before even consuming a single microdose. There are those that have the poor mindset about their approach on microdosing, which only made them even worse. When that particular patient took a microdose, the emotional baggage that she was carrying even rose to a major point within her consciousness.


In the end, it is all about how you control your dosage intake when you take in microdosing for depression. Even if you are using this method to help a friend or someone close to you, always keep in mind about their mindset whether it is in the right place or not. Microdosing can be highly risky when it is not used according to its recommendation.

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