Effects of Microdosing DMT


Microdosing DMT is done rarely and not nearly as often as LSD. Why is that? Is it not as effective? What are the effects? Does it cause long term side effects? It can be done and users have reported positive effects. Let’s take a closer look.


Regularly ingesting psychedelic drugs can cause brain damage and cause depletion of serotonin storage and mood alterations. These effects can lead into more long term side effects, such as depression, insomnia and memory issues. Users should always take caution when it comes to ingestion hallucinogenic drugs, even is micro doses. We recommend users to begin using even smaller doses and try to see where their optimal dose is for each substance.


When microdosing DMT, a dosage of 2 – 5mg is a common. A light dose can be in the range of 10 – 20mg and the normal dosage is around 20 – 40mg. Anything over 40 mg is a strong trip.

Usually Microdosing DMT is done by smoking it with a pipe.


In larger doses: Hallucinations. You start experiencing things that are actually not present at the place. While using micro doses, users would start feeling a sense of ecstasy accompanied by empathy. Users have reported experiencing distorted vision and sound. You may also experience a distortion in colors and shapes of objects

Legal Position:

This depends on the country you reside. However, in the US, it is a crime to consume, possess, distribute, or sell DMT. As per the US Law, the maximum jail term could last up to seven years. You don’t have to consume DMT to commit an offense. If you possess, supply, or distribute DMT, the police have every right to arrest you.


In fact, DMT is an endogenous drug. Thus, it is present inside a human body. It is a chemical neurotransmitter. It sounds very ironical that it is illegal to possess a drug that is already present in the body. For Microdosing, we recommend using LSD or shrooms, or for complete beginners, we recommend starting with Modafinil (For more, click here).

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