Effects of Microdosing Psilocybin Truffles

The word microdosing somehow sounds like it is coming from the field of medicine. This is a debate to whether the medical field has entirely accepted the process of microdosing since there are still those that do not recommend it at all. The act of microdosing truffles is an integration of the sub-perceptual doses of the psychedelics into the weekly routine. The purpose of this is to improve the levels of a person’s creativity, increased focus, more energy and even enhance relational skills.


Regarding health, a lot of those who took microdosing made the prescription themselves in the hopes that they get cured of whatever they are feeling at the moment, whether this is about physical pain or emotional pain. It elevates the mood, make one happier and even get them to be more productive whether it is professional work or at home.


The recommended dosage of microdosing truffles is usually at .5 grams. The particles of the truffle are then consumed using a spoon. You should also use a scale in experimenting with the amounts that are below or above the recommended dosage since each person’s body has a different effect when taking in microdosing. There is a reason why it is called microdosing – it is because it is to be taken in small doses. Some studies have shown that those who have taken in way more than the recommended doses only seemed to have worsened their condition.

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Microdosing Truffles Effects

There are various effects of incorporating microdosing truffles.

First is how you get more creative output. You will get more brilliant outbursts in your personal or work creative projects. You will experience a feeling that makes you feel almost everything is easy to do. You will also be surprised at how work becomes fun for you.

You will get more physical energy, too. Your body will get more stamina when you are exercising; you get the feeling of a clean energy, more like you are experiencing the psychedelic side of drinking coffee; you get to lift weights that are heavier, and even acquire enhanced coordination and higher levels of focus.

It has also shown through various studies that it improves a person’s emotional balance. It will alleviate depression; a gradual increase of awareness and openness; higher levels of gratitude; and create even tougher bonds with existing and new friends.

It also has effects on your spiritual awareness as well. You get to be more in line with your spiritual intentions; be more amazed of the wonders of life, and get to be more appreciative about all the life forms.


Physicians suggest that those who take microdosing truffles should only follow what microdosing really means. There are those that believe taking in more amounts will help alleviate their problems faster, but studies show that this will only worsen whatever condition the physical or mental is suffering at the moment. So when you engage in microdosing, stick to whatever is recommended for the general public to use.

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