What is Microdosing?

Microdosing refers to ingesting psychedelic drugs such as LSD, Psilocybin, MDMA, Truffles, DMT... in a very "micro dose". Micro dose is usually a 1/10th of a regular dose for each substance. Keep in mind that this subject is very under researched. Read more

Microdosing vs Modafinil

While comparing the effects of microdosing to other substances such as Modafinil, we must first generalize both substances and their effects. For this example, we will be talking about Microdosing LSD (10 - 20µg). Read more

Does Microdosing Really Work?

A very interesting question, that we cannot answer that clearly really... A lot of media hype has been following the story that arrived from Silicon Valley, where some Tech geniuses are ingesting small doses of LSD to keep alert, happier and more social. They say it helps them think in a more creative way and let's them get more work done. But what does thinking more creatively really mean? Is it just a placebo? Read more

Effects of Microdosing MDMA

Microdosing MDMA
Microdosing can be done with various substances. Today we will explore the dosage, effects and further recommendation on microdosing MDMA. Microdosing MDMA is not as popular as microdosing LSD or Psilocybin, but it can be done and some users have reported positive experiences that are similar to the above substances. Read more

Does Microdosing Affect Tolerance?

Let's say if we continue to microdose a certain substance 3 times a week. How will we feel after the 4th time. Will the effect be the same or will we need to consume a much larger dose to achieve the same effect. Let's break this down. Read more

Does Microdosing Dilate Pupils?

Microdosing can be useful and provide an extra creativity or productivity boost, but what exactly is the right dosage? Does Microdosing Dilate Pupils? Usually when we microdose we want to look normal, not stoned. We want to feel more light and happy and avoid having Dilated Pupils. Read more

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