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Microdosing lsd

Microdosing is also written as micro-dosing. It is a high end method used to study the effects of medication in human beings via the administration of sub therapeutic drugs in small doses. However, they are not likely to show any whole-body effect, but sufficient enough to let scientist study the response of the cells. This makes the observation of pharmacokinetics of a given drug with a low risk of side effects. This is normally termed as a “Phase 0 study” which is normally carried out before the clinical Phase I to determine if a certain drug is viable for the next stage of testing. Microdosing for humans is meant to aim to minimize the amount of resources spent on non-viable medications and the tests that are done on animals.

Less commonly, the word “Microdosing” refers to precise administration of few amounts of a drug substance such as API and powder for a drug product such as a capsule and if the drug itself is in liquid form it can potentially overlap what is known as micro-dispensing.

The best approach is only to measure the candidate drug by the use of radioisotope carbon-14. Injecting the substance to those who wish to volunteer at levels generally about 100 times less than the proposed therapeutic dosage- from approximately 1 to 100 micrograms and not more than that. How your body responds for instance, the conversion of the initial drug into different molecules, and the amount of time they stay in your body. In addition, the intensity of radioactivity that is administered is normally around 200 nano Curies. This number is low compared to ‘non-radioactive’.

Because small amounts of the drug are administered, analytical techniques become limited. High sensitivity is required. The most common technique for the microdose analysis is known as Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, abbreviated as AMS. Well, AMS was introduced in the late 70s from two different studies which had a common goal of improving radiocarbon dating that make it easy and simple to use datable content and that would not only extend the optimum reach of the said dating, but also its routine.

The AMS is normally used in archeology and geochronology. However, much of its application started in the 90s because of the work of scientists that were based at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Currently, its service is used in various disciplines such as biochemical quantitation for various firms as well as non-commercial access through the National Institutes of Health Research at the same university or via the establishment of affordable spectrometers. However, it doesn’t measure carbon 14 radioactivity in microdose tests. It only measures ionic special in order to charge ratio

The method has now been manufactured commercially and in the year 2005, tests were carried out  with various reputable pharmaceutical firms in the CREAM- ‘’Consortium for Resourcing and Evaluating AMS Microdosing’’ tests, where Microdosing technique was applied to show the behavior of five drugs, with each having idiosyncrasies that had so many issues in testing of animals. The results showed at least a 75 per cent correspondence between the results obtained from full-dose studies and those done using Microdosing. In 2006, there was a collaboration of an EU-sponsored Microdosing team which was setup to try the connection between therapeutic dose of seven various drugs and a microdose.

Why should you be Microdosing LSD?

A typical Day When Microdosing LSD.

09:00 – 16:00

  • increase in activities as well as output
  • Excellent performance at work as well as personal creative projects.
  • Very easy to get into the zone
  • Work becomes interesting!

16:00 – 19:00

  • Intense physical energy
  • More stamina while you are exercising
  • You can lift heavier weights while in the gym
  • Improved coordination as well as higher level of focus.

19:00 – 21:00

  • Stable emotional balance
  • Establishing stronger bonds with new and existing colleagues and pals
  • Reduces  Depression
  • Slow buildup of openness and also awareness

21.00 – 24:00

  • Increased spiritual awareness
  • Amazed with everything that the worlds has to offer

Apart from helping a lot of people break their reliance on FDA-sanctioned medications, this drug has also proved to treat addiction to illegal drugs. Experts in one medical center in Mexico have sent a report to Dr. Fadiman that after using Iboga to help patients with addiction problems, they recommend that the patients use microdose of that compound for several months

A number of various studies argue that Microdosing has helped them to stop using mood stabilizers antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, as well as cognitive enhancers. In addition to that, Dr. Fadiman said he has high hopes that sub-perceptual doses of psychedelics will come with numerous benefits of such drugs without worrying about any negative side effects. He also said, however, all research carried out in this locale will need to be done in universities, since pharmaceutical organizations are not ready to test their own products against a drug with is illegal or better.

How much does Microdosing LSD cost?

(For more on microdosing costs, check this)


  • 10-20 µg of LSD

Heroic Dose*

  • 400 µg of LSD

Dr. Fadiman recommends that a person should take a microdose after every four days for a period of ten weeks


  • Take the drug


  • Check  residual e­ffects


  • Take a day o­ff


  • Take the microdose LSD


  • Observe the residual e­ffects


  • Take a day o­ff


  • Take a day o­ff

You should write down notes on any affects you experience

So far, more than 99% of reports about the use of Microdosing are positive.

A huge percentage of users have no issues with emotional balance, psychological well-being, as well as productivity at work while Microdosing. However, there are only a few people who have complained so far. This types of drugs have not be researched that much. Albert Hofmann, who invented LSD. At the moment, MAPS spearheads the psychedelic research in the US.

Healthy Alternative for Treating ADHD and Depression

Many people have used Microdosing LSD as well as Psilocybin not only as a health drug, but also as an alternative to treat ADHD and depression.  Small amounts of the drug can help treat these conditions.

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